Genes have a powerful role in determining your sports performance and fitness level. Do you want to know if your Kids are really built for the sport they love?    The answer may lie in your geneticsInheritance of favourable genetic components is more commonly observed in athletes or fitness professionals depending on the type of exercise or sports activity they perform.



Gene Fitness report also includes the following factors:


1. Aerobic Capacity 

  • The Maximum capacity of our body to transport and use Oxygen during Exercise like Marathon, Sprinting

2. Anaerobic capacity

  • Anaerobic capacity is the total amount of energy obtainable from the anaerobic energy systems(without Oxygen). By increasing anaerobic capacity you will be able to buffer more lactate at a faster rate, produce and use more anaerobic enzymes and continue turning body fuels into useable energy for immediate access.

3. Endurance

  • Endurance is body’s capacity to utilize oxygen for energy production, and sustain it for a prolonged duration during a physical activity. A high endurance capacity indicates that an individual can take up mild to moderate intensity activity for a prolonged duration, with minimal discomforts like breathlessness and fatigue.

4. Power

  • Power measures the rapid burst of energy observed during the high intensity activities of shorter duration.

5. Flexibility

  • Allows for better performance when playing sports or exercising. It adds to your level of comfort in day-to-day activities such as bending, walking and lifting.

6. Muscle fatigue & Threshold

  •  Your ability to resist muscle fatigue is the deciding factor of how long you can exercise and also the intensity of exercise that is well suited for your body.

7. Injury Repair

  • One of the greater yet lesser-known advantages of regular exercise is that it improves immunity,  speeds up recovery from external trauma and even reduces the effect of autoimmune diseases.

8. Muscle injury

All the above factors can help you, your coach ,your doctor to guide you choose your kids sport…

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