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GeneHealth Vital

Gene Health Vital To focus on the most common Lifestyle diseases , screens for Hypertension, Diabetes , Obesity and Cardiac events


  • It empowers individuals with the most validated and actionable genetic information to improve one’s health and quality of life
  • Such analysis provides a timely warning of possible threats to our health.
  • It enables preventive medical advice, monitoring and medication (if needed) to reduce risk.
  • It enables the practice of personalized and truly preventive medicine.
  • It eliminates unnecessary trial and error by specifically informing the individual about which aspects of health to focus on, which medications they are likely to respond to and what type of nutrition is best compatible with their genetic type.

Health Genomics

In this segment of the genetic report, we present information about your genotype and its association with health conditions. The association information was curated from hundreds of scientific publications from India and abroad. We have emphasized the association between your genotype and Indian population wherever possible. It is important to note that Indian population is not homogenous. It has various ethnicities and genetically diverse. Your genotype is indicated under the “Genotype” column for each gene. Risk-associated genotype is indicated in Red. Normal genotype is indicated in black. Risk genotype means, it is associated with increased risk as indicated in the “Annotations” column. Studies listed under annotations were carried out independently, which means a person possessing a “risk genotype” for multiple genes may have a higher predisposition to that condition. People with higher predisposition can benefit from a routine monitoring of those risk factors, medication – if your physician deems necessary and adoption of a healthier lifestyle. The column “Increase in Metabolic trait” indicates the parameters measured in the studies which were associated with the risk genotype.

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