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GeneXpert is a signature product of DHISAA Futuric Services, a Multifaceted Organisation with the mission of “Best of the world for the Betterment of Our people”.The Founder and CEO of DHISAA Futuristic Services, Dr. Manoj Gunaseelan is a Medical Doctor specialised in Clinical Research & Pharmaco vigilance . An aspiring Entrepreneur, he was looking for applying more than ten years of Medical and Research expertise out of the labs, for the welfare of common people. GeneXpert unlocks Genetic profile with DNA Testing from home. With your DNA genetic analysis you will get to know from Health, Nutrition, Fitness and more. DNA Services available from all over India.


Complete Personalized Health Check




Simple and Hassle Free, non invasive Saliva Test

Collect saliva before brushing in the morning

Unscrew the funnel and close the tube with the cap

Spit directly into the funnel until black line on the tube

Complete the lifestyle questionnaire

Twist the yellow gel tube and add the gel into the saliva tube

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